Howard on Menzies

Howard On Menzies – Building Modern Australia is a two-part documentary series from production company Smith & Nasht that examines the legacy of Australia’s longest-serving Prime Minister through the eyes of the nations second longest-serving Prime Minister.

As outlined in his book The Menzies Era, John Howard is adamant that Robert Menzies deserves more credit for the positive part he played in shaping modern Australia.

Howard invited former PM Bob Hawke, author Clive James, media mogul Rupert Murdoch and many others to challenge this opinion and, in the process, builds an insight into Australia through and after the Menzies years.

The documentary series features Menzies’ personal archive and new interviews with: Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull and former Prime Minister Bob Hawke, media mogul Rupert Murdoch, historians Geoffrey Blainey and Henry Reynolds, economist Bob Gregory, academics Professor Judith Brett and Dr Stephen Mills, journalists Paul Kelly and Greg Sheridan, former politicians Barry Jones and Alexander Downer, creative industry legends Barry Humphries, Clive James and Thomas Keneally and many more.

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