For Educators

This page will offer teaching and learning resources aimed to assist teachers and to engage students at the senior secondary level. The resources cover subjects contained within the Modern History component of the Australian Curriculum. Using Menzies as a central focus, these teaching resources are designed to encourage students to investigate developments of major significance to Australia’s history. They do not simply cover an individual, but examine that individual in context to gain a historically-informed perspective on their times and the challenges they faced. In this spirit, Menzies’ life and career provide a platform for historical investigation of Australia and the world in the mid-twentieth century. In accordance with Menzies’ view of the proper role of education, these resources are not intended to simply impart knowledge, but to develop the capabilities of students to analyse historical sources and narratives, and to undertake historical inquiry.

Along with teaching resources, this page also hosts materials to encourage and enable students, including those in the tertiary system, to conduct their own research on Menzies. The bibliography contains a list of books and articles on Menzies grouped by theme – an aid for surveying the existing literature on Menzies and related subjects. There is also a list of essay questions covering different aspects and flashpoints of the Menzies era: of use for those looking to write about specific dimensions of Menzies’ time and the historiography surrounding it.

Resources will also exist to provide suggestions of how to use the Timeline on this site in education settings.

We welcome feedback on these materials.

Coming July 2017