Robert Menzies

Welcome to the digital home of Sir Robert Menzies – Australia’s longest-serving prime minister. The site is dedicated to providing a variety of different perspectives on Menzies’ life, times, and career. It is designed as an interactive experience that blends the old and the new; text and multimedia. On the site you will find a wide range of items, from the 20th and 21st centuries, each providing its own perspective on Menzies. Combining different perspectives is the best way to understand Menzies and his times and to form your own view of his life and legacy.

The site’s different pages each provide their own perspective on Menzies.

  • The Biography provides an outline of Menzies’ political career, covering the principal themes of his prime ministership.
  • The Timeline places Menzies in temporal perspective, allowing users to navigate the breadth of his life and career alongside other major events in Australian politics and history.
  • Howard on Menzies presents John Howard’s view of Menzies, encompassing his book and ABC documentary series. Excerpts and interviews offer a rich collection of twenty-first century perspectives on the Menzies era, involving people who themselves lived through it.
  • For Educators hosts materials on the Menzies era for use by school teachers, as well as resources for students and other researchers. Its educational materials are based on documents from Menzies’ time, giving students a direct perspective from the Menzies years. Its other resources provide a means for students and other researchers to develop their own perspectives on Menzies’ career.
  • The Archive hosts a diverse range of materials from Menzies’ own time, providing a rich and unique perspective on his life and career. It is designed for researchers interested in exploring Menzies in finer detail.
"A man may be a tough, concentrated, successful money-maker and never contribute to his country anything more than a horrible example."